Petit Collage Craft Book: Bunny Clock DIY

Time flies when you’re having fun –  which explains how a year has already flown by since we published the Petit Collage Craft Book.  What a thrill to see how our book has inspired so many of you to brighten your home with a new piece of decor, add extra love to the playroom with a handmade toy, and, above all, say YES to playful creativity!

Petit Collage Craft Book DIYs

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Photography and book trailer by Thayer Gowdy. 

petit collage California Bear print on wood

It’s that time: what we’ve loved this month in kids and design.

1: Putting the “art” in “heart”: illustrators and designers work magic on the walls of a children’s hospital.

2: Does your (child’s IKEA play) kitchen need a remodel? 10 ways to make it happen.

3: You design it. They sew it. This DIY-inspired kids’ clothing company lets you do the fun part.

4: Does your little one adore Eloise? go crazy for Goodnight Moon? literally live for Little House on the Prairie? 40 ways to throw a themed birthday party inspired by your child’s favorite book.

5: Start ‘em young, snail mail fans: 5 ways to introduce your toddler to letter writing.

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Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Children's Book Endpapers

There are so many things to love about children’s books, but here’s one we sometimes forget: endpapers! Just like the cover image, the chosen font, and the miniature graphic picked for the spine, endpapers add another layer of personality to books, and for children, they are another detail to be studied with delight.

We’ve gathered up a few examples of endpapers from vintage children’s books. French illustrator and author Alain Grée (above) used his endpapers to tie together the Achille et Bergamote series: each book in the series features the adventurous brother-sister duo, full of questions about the world and how things work, and each book also features the same colorful, engaging endpaper. We scanned the cover and endpaper of our edition of Les trains (1964).


Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Children's Book EndpapersSparkle and Spin: A Book About Words (by iconic mid-century designers Ann and Paul Rand, 1957) takes a simpler but no less eye-catching approach to its endpapers, which glorify the book’s bright color palette.


Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Children's Book Endpapers

In We Fly (Alfred Olschewski, 1967), a delightful vintage children’s book all about the history of flying, the endpapers are very informative for young readers: they feature a large-sized diagram of an old-fashioned airplane.


Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Children's Book Endpapers

In this Golden Books My First Dictionary (1957), the endpapers are more decorative, and the design is incorporated into the name plate. We’d take a shirt made with that print!


Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Children's Book Endpapers


And finally, in Rhymes for Kindly Children (1916), a beautiful book of Mother Goose rhymes, the endpapers continue the story that began on the front cover: children play on the same path that swooped across the front, leading the readers into the book.


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Petit Collage Blog: New Board Book Release: You Are My Baby - Meadow

Look what’s hopping onto shelves this month – a brand new addition to Lorena’s You Are My Baby board book series!

The You Are My Baby books have been widely praised for their inventive format: a baby book (featuring a baby animal) nestles inside the larger book, encouraging youngsters to turn the pages to match the babies with their parents. Important early concepts are taught along the way!

Petit Collage Blog: New Board Book Release: You Are My Baby - Meadow

You Are My Baby: Meadow is a preschool-perfect celebration of spring. Pastel colors and Lorena’s signature collage work complement five spreads featuring springtime animals: a bunny, a bluebird, a sheep, and more. Just the thing to tuck into your favorite toddler’s Easter Basket!


From Home, by Carson Ellis

March is National Reading Month, and we’ve rounded up five brand new 2015 children’s books that we can’t wait to squeeze onto our bookshelves. Fortunately for children’s book lovers like us, 2015 brings a big batch of superb additions to the world of contemporary picture books: imaginative text, clever illustrations, innovative design… Warning! You may find yourself giving in to those “just one more book” pleas!


Petit Collage Blog: 5 in March - 2015 Children's Books

Rhymoceros, by Janik Coat

Released March 3, 2015

This eye-catching, design-minded board book is the follow-up to Coat’s Hippopposites. The unlikely star – an adaptable blue rhinoceros – obligingly wears many different hats (etc.) to demonstrate 16 sets of rhyming words. Featuring: gold leaf! embossing! humor!


Petit Collage Blog: 5 in March: 2015 Children's Books

Petit Collage Blog: 5 in March: 2015 Children's Books

This is Sadie, by Sara O’Leary with illustrations by Julie Morstad

Released May 12, 2015

Do you know any little children with big imaginations? They’ll be thrilled to meet Sadie, a small girl with a great, big, sparkling imagination. The whimsy of the text is matched perfectly with Morstad’s dreamy, gentle illustrations. The perfect book to read before drifting off to sweet dreams…


Petit Collage Blog: 5 in March - 2015 Children's Books

Home, by Carson Ellis

Released February 24, 2015

We have a bit of a crush on Ellis and her endlessly creative illustration work, and the release of her first solo picture book has us dancing with joy. In Home she answers the question of where different people live with an earth-hued color palette and so many details that Littles and Bigs alike will pour over each page again and again.


Petit Collage Blog: 5 in March - 2015 Children's Books

Outstanding in the Rain by Frank Viva

Released April 14, 2015

We loved Along a Long Road and A Long Way Away for the delightfully graphic design they brought to children’s books, and  contemporary author-illustrator Viva is at it again with his latest modern picture book. A little boy spends his birthday at Coney Island, and readers will spend story-time excitedly flipping pages as Viva uses die-cuts and ingenuity to transform words and pictures.


Petit Collage Blog: 5 in March - 2015 Children's Books

Beautiful Birds by Jean Roussen with illustrations by Emmanuelle Walker

Released April 7, 2015

Airy poetry, jewel-toned illustrations, and an alphabet of winged friends flock together in Beautiful Birds. For a child fascinated with the natural world, this book will be a special treat, to be pulled out and studied on rainy afternoons or before bedtime.

petit collage friendly lion print on wood


This month’s serving of “that’s so cool!” from around the internet.

1: Mini magic: 10 IKEA products transformed into dollhouses.

2: It’s winter. It’s dreary. You might need to DIY this Confetti Photobooth Backdrop, just ’cause.

3: What’s the next best thing to having a best friend with all the answers? Snagging a copy of Design Mom’s soon-to-be-released book How to Live With Kids: A Room-by-Room Guide.

4: Once upon a time there was our family… Family portraits done storybook illustration-style.

5: China’s first design museum has opened, and we want to go: read more about the Kids Museum of Glass.

Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Picks: Valentines

Printed Valentine envelope, 1940s. (source)

Is there anything more charming than vintage Valentines? Syrupy sweet messages,  heartfelt (and often humorous) illustrations, perhaps the spidery scrawl of the long-ago sender…it’s a match made in ephemera heaven. We’ve gathered up a handful of mid-century Valentines to share with you: we’re loving the clever details, pops of red, handwritten typography, and unabashed cheesiness!

Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Picks - Valentines

Curt Teich Postcard Archives. (source)

Petit Collage Blog: Vintage Picks - Valentines

1920s. (source)

Petit Collage Blog: Vintag Picks - Valentines

1940s. (source)

Petit Collage Blog _ Vintage Picks _ Valentines

1950s. (source)

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petit collage home print on wood

Click-happy: bits and pieces we’ve been loving around the internet this month.

1: 24 Hours in the City of Design: this guide to Helsinki has us grabbing our passports with one hand and dialing our fairy godmothers with the other. A design lover can dream, right?

2: H-APP-y news from Anorak, one of our favorite kids’ magazines: they’re going digital. Next time you need kids’ travel entertainment, pack that iPad full of Anorak‘s brightly illustrated stories, tasteful games, and more.

3: Instagram crush: 1500 pictures of patterns in nature (and counting).

4: We love us a good behind-the-scenes studio tour. Oh Joy and her daughter visited Zuzzi’s downtown L.A. studio, and it’s the cutest mother-daughter field trip we’ve ever seen.

5: The evolution of Crayola crayon colors, infographic-style.

Vintage Picks: Pavo and the Princess // Petit Collage Blog

How about mixing up the bedtime story routine this year by adding in a sprinkling of vintage children’s books? We’re lucky to have quite a collection on our studio bookshelves, and love flipping through them for inspiration; and we love getting to share some of our favorites with you, too!

Vintage Picks: Pavo and the Princess // Petit Collage Blog

Have you heard of Evaline Ness? We love her rich, bold style; she began her career in commercial illustration in the 1940’s, and illustrated over 30 books for children (some of which she authored as well). She mixed a rich variety of mediums into her work: a distinctive combination of silkscreen and woodcuts, as well as charcoal, ink, crayon, watercolor…

Vintage Picks: Pavo and the Princess // Petit Collage Blog

In “Pavo and the Princess,” published in 1964, Ness tells the story of Phoebe, a princess who has everything a little girl could desire. Phoebe also has a slightly unusual quality: she doesn’t know how to cry. In an attempt to teach Phoebe a lesson in caring, her father gifts her Pavo, a pure white peacock. Many hair ribbons, tied-up feathers, and one lost peacock later, Phoebe does indeed learn an important lesson about compassion.

Vintage Picks: Pavo and the Princess // Petit Collage Blog


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noticed_chalkboards // Petit Collage Blog

Trend alert: recently we’ve noticed chalkboards popping up in kids’ rooms, and we think it’s genius all around. They combine decor with function (a favorite mix of ours), and can take a room in a vintage OR modern direction. Plus you’re guaranteed a constantly evolving, kiddo-operated art gallery: DIY home decorating at its best. Read on for five ways to incorporate chalkboards into kids’ spaces:

chalkboard decor in kids' rooms // Petit Collage Blog This large board looks right at home in a modern, black + white-themed room. (via)

chalkboard decor in kids rooms // Petit Collage Blog

Go vintage by collecting a cluster of old-school chalkboards (any excuse to visit the flea market is a good one). The green variety is a softer alternative to black. (via)

chalkboard decor in kids rooms // Petit Collage Blog

Get creative with chalkboard paint! This painted dresser is a clever addition to an already exuberant space. You might also paint the back of a door, or maybe a grouping of geometrics shapes on the wall… (via)

chalkboard decor for kids rooms // Petit Collage Blog Looking for a smaller way to incorporate space for chalk art? This table is a beauty, and will delight little hands. Plus, it’s a DIY! (via)

chalkboard decor in kids rooms // Petit Collage Blog

This playroom is bursting with creativity, and that giant chalkboard wall is the cherry on top. Can we come play? (via)


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