Free Downloadable Activities!


Free Downloadable Activities for Kids

Committed to nurturing the next generation's love for the environment, we offer a diverse range of free downloadable activities, including coloring sheets, DIY craft projects, and educational games. Our activities promote both fun and environmental awareness, encouraging children (and adults!) to explore the wonders of the natural world while cultivating a passion for eco-conscious living.

Download and share as many of these PDF activities as you want...and Enjoy!

Petit Collage Halloween Coloring Activity

Petit Collage
Halloween Monster Party Coloring Sheet

(Adobe PDF - 67kb)

Petit Collage Save the Bees Coloring Sheet

Petit Collage
Save the Bees Coloring Sheet

(Adobe PDF - 642kb)

Baby Milestones DIY Cards

Petit Collage
Baby Milestones DIY Cards

(Adobe PDF - 625kb)

Learning Clock Activity Download


Petit Collage
Happy Cat Learning Clock Build Your Own Activity Sheet

(Adobe PDF - 570kb)