Sustainability Mission

At Petit Collage, we design our products to be long lasting, high quality and to grow with your child. Our goal is to leave a better world for our children, so we set an example for them in all our choices and deeds. Despite our phenomenal growth and success, we haven’t lost sight of our founding principles and small company values as we continue to thoughtfully and creatively work towards a more sustainable future. 

We believe in transparency and honesty in all that we do. By sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping communities locally and internationally, and through working collaboratively with our partners around the world; we’re constantly looking at ways to improve the standards we apply to all our products. 

We recognize that sustainability is an ever-moving target and each day we focus on further improving our processes.


We have a dedicated team reviewing all Petit Collage products, with a specific goal to make them more sustainable and reduce their negative impact on our planet. To this end, we have significantly reduced single use and disposable plastic waste from our product packaging and, perhaps more importantly, our transit packaging. Where we’re finding plastic difficult to remove, we’re working to provide recycled and recyclable options that have less of an ecological impact. Ultimately, we aim to remove plastic entirely. 

  We prioritize the use of responsibly sourced materials, such as recycled card, FSC wood and FSC paper, GOTS certified organic cotton, vegetable inks and water-based paints. As well as using more sustainable materials in our design and packaging, we’re adopting a much more conscious approach towards transit. We have made it a priority to reduce overall packaging size and material use, thus improving shipping efficiency. Plus, continually improving timeline management ensures we rarely need to air freight Petit Collage products around the world.

We actively focus, at all stages of new product design and development, on creating something beautiful that our customers want to keep and treasure. We work with a small select group of suppliers to choose the correct materials for longevity and functionality, whilst ensuring that production materials and processes are as kind to the environment as possible. This includes switching materials to more sustainable options, designing products that are more easily disposed of and recycled at end of life, and better communicating this to you: our customers. 

 Everything we do has a carbon footprint; we just need to ensure that through thoughtful and creative design and manufacture, our products are as environmentally friendly as they can be. This will be achieved by eradicating virgin plastic use, educating ourselves in green and sustainable materials (not greenwashing our customers - not all natural materials are good and not all plastic is bad) and working with suppliers that share our values & demonstrate practices in line with preserving the planet.

Our Factories

We care how and where our products are made and regularly visit our factories to discuss new development; continue to build our relationships, and to conduct audits and quality control inspections. We ensure all our suppliers have a valid and in-date full ethical audit report which reflects the ‘Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code’ as a minimum. 

 Our suppliers are highly aware of our changing world and are working well with us to reduce waste, create more environmentally conscious goods and provide increasingly sustainable options for our packaging. A great example of this is where we have removed polybags in transit and replaced with tissue paper – something that was ‘standard’ has now been replaced with a ‘new standard’.


The safety of our products is one of our highest priorities. Every Petit Collage product is thoroughly risk assessed and third party tested to meet and exceed stringent chemical and physical standards of Europe, USA, Canada, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

 We also conduct performance testing and inspections where applicable to make sure our products have the longevity, quality and safety you would expect throughout the product’s lifetime. A dedicated in-house product integrity team ensures our products are designed with children’s safety at the forefront, so you can rest assured.