Make your own Family Memory Game!

Make your own Family Memory Game!

Want to get creative? How about making your own memory game?

Featured in the craft book by Petit Collage, this project is quick and easy to do, and you'll end up with a personalized game that you can play over and over!

It’s suitable for little ones aged 2+, and can be made more challenging for older children, too.

Have fun!

You’ll need:

3-inch craft punch
glue stick
patterned scrapbook paper (or just colored paper)
card stock
family photos, of course!

Step 1: Print out your family!

Print two copies of each family photo on thick card stock. Make the photos slightly larger than 3 inches square. Use as many family members as you like! The more you print, the more challenging – and entertaining – the game will be.

Step 2: Cut out some colorful circles & stick

Using the 3-inch punch, cut out family photos. Punch the same number of patterned or colored paper circles. Glue each family photo to a patterned/colored paper circle.

Step 3: Play... and remember!

Lay the cards face down and take turns flipping over two at a time. Do you have a match? Set them aside! If not, turn them face down again, but try to remember where they are...

Our top tips:

  • For toddlers, the fun is really just naming each family member as they come up. Watch them smile as they turn the cards to see each familiar face smiling up at them!
  • For older children, you can print out many different members of the extended family – cousins, aunties, uncles, great grandma… it’s a great way of feeling close to relatives who may live far away!
  • To make the game extra challenging, why not find two different pictures of the same family member? For example, one picture of them in the park, and the other one at the dinner table. It’ll be trickier to remember but great for developing memory skills.

Share photos of your family memory game creation with us @petitcollage!

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The ideas and photos for this blog post come from a previous blog post published in partnership with Petit Collage, available here: