8 Steps Towards a Plastic Free July!

8 Steps Towards a Plastic Free July!

It's Plastic Free July! 
Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution. At Petit Collage, nothing makes us happier than seeing people joining together to make the world a cleaner, more beautiful place for our children.  

Want to join millions in taking part in the plastic free challenge this July? Here are some things you can do (we're trying these out, too) 

1) Sluuurp with sustainable straws!  

Single-use straws are used for a few minutes then discarded, where they’ll remain in the environment indefinitely. Did you know that they're on the top 10 list of items collected in beach cleanups in the USA?

So make sure to bring your own reusable straws whenever you go out for sodas, milkshakes or other treats. You can even go a step further and encourage your local cafes to only provide straws when requested, rather than as a default. 

2) Celebrate... plastic free style!  

Next time you have a party, try swapping out balloons and other single-use plastic decorations for reusable, eco-friendly alternatives. Get creative with fun decorations such as bunting, tassels, tissue pom poms, lanterns, fresh flowers, and more...!  

You could get your little one to help, too, by coloring in and decorating their own Paper Chain, like our Fairy Tales Paper Doll Chain! 


 3) Have a "loose food only" rule

Where possible, buy loose products without the plastic packaging. Head over to a bulk food store or a Farmer's Market to fill up on fruit & veg, nuts, cereals, kitchen products and more in a more sustainable way. These alternative shopping experiences tend to be much more fun and colorful than trips to the grocery store, too!

4) Choose plastic free gifts

Somebody's birthday coming up? Take a little extra time when buying the gift to ensure the product and packaging have as little plastic as possible.

For little ones, consider getting FSC wooden toys ; they're sustainable and they look charming - and we have plenty! Our Happy Bear Wooden Stacker is 99% plastic free, and a great gift for early years. If you're looking for a gift for somebody who's a little older, our Dinosaurs Trivia Quiz, also 99% plastic free, is perfect for kids age 5+!

5) Rub-a-dub-dub  

Bar soaps are a great alternative to bottled shower gels, shampoos and so on. They come in different blends to suit body washing, face wash, shampoo, shaving... and they often come in plastic free packaging. Go around the bathroom and see which plastic bottles you can replace with soap bars. 

Want to make your own? Here are some super fun soap-making recipes to try out with your little one! 

 6) Get your teeth into it! 

 Brush brush brush with a sustainable toothbrush! More and more people are choosing toothbrushes are made from sustainable, compostable materials, such as bamboo. Bristles are usually still  made from plastic, though, so make sure to cut them off when you eventually choose to compost the bamboo handle.

It can be a good idea to look into toothbrushes with removable heads, too, so you don't have to keep buying new handles. This easy-to-make change is already a good step towards reducing plastic waste!

7) Host a plastic free picnic

Invite family friends to join you on a picnic (following appropriate social distancing guidelines), and tell everybody it will be a "plastic free" event. No plastic wrap or plastic bags or single-use tableware allowed! 

Instead, encourage guests to pack more sustainably with beeswax wraps, reusable bottles, reusable containers and more. To save on shop-bought snacks, you could make your own crunchy wholewheat crackers or corncob popcorn (so fun!)!

To serve food on, we suggest reusable bamboo tableware. Check out our plastic free Dinosaurs Bamboo Mealtime Set for the little ones!



8) Tell a plastic free story

Imagine you wake up one day and all plastic has suddenly disappeared from the world! What would or wouldn't you see? Where would you go?...

It's important your little one understands all these changes you're making. Bring the topic of sustainability and plastic waste into your conversations, and while you're at it, why not encourage your kids to get creative? Give them the above story prompt and see what they come up with!

If they need a little help coming up with ideas, why not bring another character into the story? Our Shine Bright Magnetic Play Sets inspire so many stories, and you can play around with adding and removing things from the play scene! 


Good luck for your plastic free mission this July! Click here to officially join the challenge. Have fun - and check out our blog post on Fun Ways to Teach Kids about the Environment next!