Welcome to our new Site!

Welcome to our new Site!

Welcome to our new and refreshed website! Here are some of the top features and benefits we've built in for you...

1) New design

We really wanted to modernize the website and the design, whilst keeping it true to the Petit Collage brand (did you know Petit Collage was born in 2006?).

The brand identity is really important for us, so while we knew that it was time to give the site a refresh, we also thought it still needed to 'feel' like Petit Collage. So we've kept the identity, but made everything much easier to navigate.  

We hope you enjoy the refreshed look and feel, and the all-new homepage! 

2) Better search experience

We've included a new, optimized search experience, making it much easier for you to find the products you need.

This includes instant search suggestions, more relevant search results, and more filtering and sorting options to help you browse the perfect gifts for your little ones!

3) Easier to navigate

You'll find an updated navigation menu with new product categories, which will make it a lot easier to navigate to your favorite products and collections! 

Here's what we've added...

  • A curated section for games and puzzles
  • A curated section for crafts and activities
  • Sections for babies, toddlers and slightly older children, making it easy to shop by age

4) Updated information

Get all the information you need before you make a purchase with our updated product imagery, descriptions, and icons.

We designed the icons specifically to highlight the sustainability of our products, as well as making it really easy to see key product features such as age suitability and travel-readiness!

5) Faster checkout

Place orders quickly and without fuss with optimized cart and checkout options! There are now additional payment options, like Apple and Google Pay. This should hopefully accommodate a lot more people and make sure your gift gets to your little one more quickly. 

6) Brand new blog

Find the latest Petit Collage news, plus plenty of handy crafts, activities and ideas for you and your kids right here on our blog! To get you started, we recommend reading our blog on 10 Alternative Drawing Activities for Kids.

We've also found 5 great Fun & Family Friendly Recipes for you, and 6 Summer Staycation Ideas that should keep everyone on their toes. Keep an eye out for more blog posts to come!

Happy browsing!